Michelle Williams on New Reality Show & Keyshia Cole Beef

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Among the uninformed, there’s a misconception that Michelle Williams is in dire need of work now that Destiny’s Child is over. However, Michelle has been a fixture of the theater circuit for years now and perhaps her new TV venture will shed light on that. The singer recently announced that she is partnering with Entertainment One for a new show called My Sister’s Keeper.

The show will follow Michelle and her sisters as she records her new gospel album.

In a statement, Michelle said: “Working together on my new gospel album and television series, I am excited to share with everyone a behind-the-scenes look at the inspiration and journey of recording for the album, performing, fun family times and other unforgettable experiences out together with my dear sisters.”

And while in Chicago, Michelle addressed her rumored beef with Keyshia Cole:

“Because we’re home I’m going to say it once and address it once. So you said a tweet went out and I tweeted after that. I would say, where did I have time? We were too busy celebrating, know what I mean? The unfortunate thing about social media [is] so many things can be fabricated. I did not tweet what was said that I tweeted. I already put that out there. Always look at that person’s original timeline. I do not delete tweets, so if you did not see it on my original timeline, you know that it did not come from me.

I am the spokesperson for an anti-bullying organization called the National Voices for Equality, Enlightening, and Empowerment, so I would never, ever, no matter what I feel, even sometimes I want to say what’s right and what’s true, but even sometimes you have to filter that because it’s a time and place for everything. I would never, ever…it’s too many people following you and I just don’t want to disappoint. Like I said, people that know me know that, you know…it’s unfortunate because you want to try to prove yourself to people.[…]Clearing it up and keeping it moving and I thank you.

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