The First Accuser Says “I Haven’t Really Read That Far Into Things”

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The Insider caught up with the first person to accuse the now former voice of Elmo, Kevin Clash, inside of his dorm room to settle some recent reports about him recanting allegations levelved against Clash. Yes, the now 24-year-old Sheldon Stephens, tells the show that he hates the way the media has misrepresented him. He also added that contrary to reports, he hasn’t recanted anything.


"I have not really been keeping up with any media reports, so I haven’t really read that far into things," said Stephens. "But it’s a really difficult situation to try to explain how someone else is feeling. All I know is how I’m going to move on with my life and my family and try to fix this situation."

When asked about the recanted accusations, Stephens contested that he didn’t personally make a statement of recantation.

"There were a lot of rumors that got out," said Stephens. "So basically, there were rumors involved with that recantation. There were people speaking like they were me, but all those allegations and all those rumors are false."

But the aspiring model also wouldn’t make a definitive statement regarding the allegations of underage sex when asked directly if his original accusations were true or not.

"I can’t really answer that question on camera," said Stephens. "But, like I said, there were a lot of rumors that got out. So I’m just trying to protect myself and the image of my family, myself and my brand."

Stephens also addressed criminal rumors surrounding him.

"They said I held a prior boss up at knife point and robbed him for $250,000 worth of jewelry, but that was a whole misconception which was blown out of proportion," said Stephens. "Later on the police found that those accusations were false and later dismissed the charges against me, so I don’t have a criminal record … I’ve never been arrested for robbing anyone at knifepoint. That was all false information."

You can watch the interview at The Insider.

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