Is Keri Hilson Blacklisted in the Music Biz?

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Keri Hilson has a few hits under her belt, but she’s not exactly a fan favorite among many. You know, given the shade she’s thrown Beyoncé over and over again. And well, her own personality period.

Her last album may not have reached the gold-selling status as her debut, but is she really hard up in the industry? As in, on the verge of becoming the next Diana King and…whoever that was saying she had a man on that Positive K. song?

If you are to believe Sandra Rose, sure why not?

She reports on her site:

"So apparently singer Keri Hilson is struggling. I’m hearing she is “blacklisted” in the industry after her blatant disses towards Beyoncé. Interscope has had their wits with her diva-ish attitude and her partner in crime who came up with the idea of Keri to come for Beyoncé’s crown has been ghost in her defense to save her failing career. She is at rock bottom, and is too prideful to realize it. The top producers and writers are too scared to collaborate or work with her on her new projects for fear of catching some of the backlash. Wouldn’t be surprised if she nudged fellow struggling singer Ciara to do a duet and get some buzz for her declining singing career."

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