Drama Revolves Around Kenya Moore

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Speaking with The Huffington Post, Kenya Moore seems to feed off the conflict her addition to the cast of The Real Housewives of Atlanta seems to generation. That said, she also realizes that she might not be coming off as well as she would hope. Such a consequence happens when you go on national TV telling everyone how dope you are while snatching people bald in the process.

The big trips are always the biggest microscope on the crazy of the season. What can we expect this year?

I’ll say! Well we take several trips, but certainly the most eventful is the Anguilla trip. It will not disappoint. It is drama from us packing to go on the trip to us actually getting off the plane — it’s just non-stop drama, tension, everything that the franchise is known for.

But from what I’ve heard and from the previews, most of the drama on that Anguilla trip revolves around you … and maybe you and someone else’s man. What is happening with you and Apollo?

Oh god! First of all, drama just kind of revolves around me because I’m almost always the center of attention. It just happens. But no, there’s no drama around me and anyone’s man. I’ll say that … but you’ll have to watch to see where those rumors are coming from.

Do you think you’ll be happy with how you come across on the show? It looks like the cameras caught you at some tough moments …

There were some times where I feel like I got out of character, I lost my cool, and I disappointed myself as well as my younger fans who look up to me from knowing me as Miss USA. But we’re human. The greatest thing about this show is it is a reality show, and it’s capturing our lives, and we’re not perfect. I’m not perfect, I don’t act like a model citizen all the time … but I certainly felt the stress at times being in these different situations with these ladies. So you’ll see some of that. But you’ll also see the fun side of me, the great side of me and the compassionate side, and all of those things make up who I am. Hopefully you guys will have a fun time watching me take this ride.

– Michael Arceneaux

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