Superhead Offers Advice to Young Girls

Taschen Hosts “Big Penis Book 3D” Launch Party

During yet another rant on Twitter, author and rapper conquistador Karrine Steffans offered “advice” to the young women who idolize. And by advice, I mean ridicule, shame, and perpetuate a bunch of gender and racial stereotypes that if she truly believed to be true would’ve longed negated her entire existence.

 Here goes:

 YOUNG GIRLS: you guys idolize me for all the wrong reasons & totally missed the point of my book(s) cuz you’re too young & dumb to get it.

 YOUNG GIRLS: why are you sleeping w/ men for merchandise? Do you really need a Coach bag THAT bad?

 YOUNG GIRLS: why don’t you demand respect?

 YOUNG GIRLS: where’s are your dads tho?

 YOUNG GIRLS: eat right, get plenty of sleep, drink more water & less liquor, get an education, save your body, & stfu half the time.

 YOUNG GIRLS: try reading a book that doesn’t have the words "vixen", "baller", or "game" in the title.

 YOUNG GIRLS: stop trying to be like men; the only kind of man who wants another man is a homosexual. be content w/ your natural position.

 Now all the ugly girls who look like Aunt Jemima and Miss Celie are gonna start sending me hate tweets…

 If some of you had super head, you too might have husbands instead letting these dudes run thru you like they do. Always the single girls…

 Nobody wants to marry a chick who can’t suck a dick. That explains why I keep a husband & these chix stay thirsty & hatin’

 Hello, irony. It’s so nice to see that you’ve kept yourself busy. Don’t ever change, xoxo.

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