It’s How The Internet Gives Thanks – The Best Thanksgiving Memes You’ll See All Day

by Jessica Lane

November 23, 2017

Ya’ll it’s the very best time of year….THANKSGIVING! We’re thankful for all our crazy family and for all this good food. But, it’s not Thanksgiving without the ultimate gift the Internet blesses us with every year….Thanksgiving memes.

Get the rundown of the best ones we’ve seen so far….remember, the day is young, more greatness awaits us.

How all the mommas, sisters and aunts approach the hours of 6a – 12p



Alternatively, when you’re watching that one aunt, who don’t cook, make the macaroni and cheese.


When you factor in the 1.5-hour dinner delay and walk in right.on.time.



At Thanksgiving, you move slow….you not eating.



When that cousin, uncle, brother brings a white “friend” and they try to bring anything other than drinks or utensils.



You GOTTA master the art of dine and dash 😂😂😂



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