Could Joyner Lucas’ Controversial Music Video Be The Brutal Truth About Race In America?

by Krystal Franklin

November 30, 2017

Screengrab of I’m Not Racist video

Rapper Joyner Lucas released a video for his single, I’m Not Racist, and it’s possible the strong and controversial message we all really need to effectively start the dialogue about race in America.

The video opens with a white man, wearing a Make America Great Again hat no less, rapping to a black man about his perspective of how some whites view Blacks.

Watch below. We must warn you, this video contains proactive language and racial slurs. It is not safe for work.

While it is tough to watch and hear, it’s interesting to hear why some white people feel so strongly about Black Lives Matter, welfare, Colin Kaepernick and more. It’s also fair to point out that you must watch the entire video to understand Lucas’ creative point of view. In the second half, the black male responds…and boy is it worth a watch (start at the 3:10 mark).

We’ve always heard there are two sides to every story and Lucas uses that notion to hopefully start a much-needed conversation. And yes, 29-year-old Joyner Lucas is black.

Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images

TELL US: Too far or are we living in times where this is the kind of messaging we need?

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