Naomi Says Supermodels Are Becoming Extinct

“The Face” Series Premiere

Before celebrity culture placed its death grip on pop culture, fashion, and well, everything else, supermodels were the ones who actually graced the covers of fashion magazines. Then things changed and models on fashion mag covers become an endangered species. If there’s anyone rooting for a shift back to the way things were, it’s the original supermodel Naomi Campbell.

While promoting her new model-themed competition show on Oxygen, Nay-Nay expresses why she’d like that old thing back:

“Of course, we want the magazine covers back. Of course, we do. There are less covers for the girls out there who are the new, young, trendy girls. She’s got more to compete with and there are only a certain amount of covers they’re going to give a model a year. Before, you had models twelve months a year.”

“When I started modeling, there was a separation of girls that did shows and girls that did print. And my generation did both. That’s when it changed.”

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Check out Vogue Italia cover girl Nay-Nay and some behind the scenes footage of her shoot: