Meagan Good Ready to Play Whitney Houston

2013 TCA Winter Press Tour – NBC – Day 1

Meagan Good’s new crime mystery-themed series on NBC, Deception, premieres tonight, but while promoting the show the veteran film actress reaffirmed her desire to play Whitney Houston on the big screen.

Before I move on, let me warn you: Stop booing and hissing. Meagan is a much better actress than many of her one-note roles in recent years has shown. Yes, I’m thinking of Eve’s Bayou. I really love that movie. Quit hissing at me now. Well, can we at least agree that if you squint with your bad eye and imagine her in a 1980s big weave, Meagan does favor old Nippy a lil’ bit?

Okay, with that side note stated, Meagan discussed her passion project with theGrio’s Chris Witherspoon.

“It is something that I want to do still because I think that there’s obviously a lot that people don’t know and understand,” Good explained. “I really want people to see her heart and understand who she was and how she was.”

She went on: “I’ve spent a good amount of time with her and she is endearing and her heart is very pure. I totally get how we can both be completely unstoppable yet destructive.”

Good also revealed that shortly before Houston went off to join Michael Jackson and James Brown in the great choir up above, she spoke with her about bringing her life’s story to the big screen and the singer wanted to meet to discuss how her biopic would end.

“We had the meeting set up to meet two days later to talk about it, because she was like ‘how will it end?” Good said.

“I think it ends with Sparkle. I think the movie ends with a new beginning.”

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