Is Mariah Carey Furious With Her Hubby About ‘Diva’ Jokes?

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The tabloids are still trying to make fetch happen as it relates to rumored strife between Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon. I don’t believe it for a second, but the latest round of rumors has Mariah being “furious” with Nick over jokes he made during an appearance on Anderson Cooper Live.

The story goes:

The part-time comedian blurted out: “The kids run the house. My wife is being the diva that she is. I’m trying to keep up with them.”

When Cooper asked the“America’s Got Talent” host, 32, who changes more diapers, Cannon proudly pointed to himself and said: “Me!”

While he admitted they both get their hands dirty, he stressed: “I get that duty a little bit more.”

Mariah “was incensed,” an insider told The ENQUIRER. “Nick has made diva jokes before, but never relating to Mariah being a parent.

Claiming he was the main diaper-changer made her feel like he was saying she was less than a perfect mother.

“She’s trying so hard to do well on ‘American Idol’ and thinks this will make her look bad.” Mariah signed a whopping $18 million deal to join the “Idol” judges’ panel, in part so she could have a job that allowed her more time with her twins, say sources.

That’s one reason why Nick’s offhand remarks struck such a sour note with his sensitive wife.

“Sometimes Nick lets his mouth run faster than his brain,” confided a friend. “But he should have known he was going to tick off Mariah with his parenting potshots.”

Mariah used to revel in her diva reputation, said the insider, “but now that she’s a mom, she wants to be seen first and foremost as just that.”

“What Nick said made her feel small, and he’s had hell to pay at home. Mariah considers parenting a 50/50 proposition and feels that she changes just as many diapers as Nick.

“She assured me Nick won’t be giving any more interviews like that, and she’ll even shut down his Twitter account before he makes a fool of her again.

“Nick knows that – and it’s put the fear of God into him!”

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