Bullied Boy Has A Racist Mom

by Olivia Butler

December 11, 2017

Photo by Instagram

Celebrities like Snoop Dogg, Delanie Walker, Justin Beiber, and more have been rallying around a boy names Keaton Jones after a video his mom posted of him crying about being bullied went viral. We have to admit, the video was sad, but after learning a little about the mom’s background and why the boy was bullied in the first place, we definitely feel a little differently about the whole thing.

After the video really began picking up steam, Keaton and his family were discovered to be proud confederate-flag owners, via social media posts made by Keaton’s mom. In fact, Twitter uses began digging up receipts showing Keaton’s mom being down right hostile on Facebook regarding African American protesters back in August.

To make the story even better, it’s said that the boy was bullied by African American kids after calling them the n-word. GoFund me has since shut down the page Keaton’s mom set up.

TELL US: Do you still feel bad for the boy?

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