Mike Tyson Talks Evolving, Veganism and Children

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Mike Tyson has evolved. The former heavyweight champion of the world tries his damndest not to come across as the angry and volatile man demonized in the media (often with ample reasons). These days Tyson has shown us his softer side, though there are instances in which the old Iron Mike surfaces.

In a new interview with Rolling Stone, Mike Tyson gives writer Jonah Weiner an inside look at his highly publicized show on Broadway.

When the subject of his veganism came up, Mike let it be known that he might be centered now or whatever, but there’s still a chance you might get popped if get out of line.

On adopting veganism:

"You hear from some people—what do they call it? Rabbit food? Fag food?" he says. For a moment, his eyes go blank and his gaze falls to the carpet. "I will kick somebody’s ass if they keep talking some ‘fag food’ shit."

As for his children:

"I wasn’t the greatest father," he tells me, noting with simultaneous humor and sorrow that he’s been known to text his kids and make surprising, hurtful errors: "They go, ‘Dad, that’s not how you spell my name!’ I’m like, fuck, these are college-educated kids, and I’m a dumb fucking nigger."

On his plans for the future, including recently attending Porgy and Bess and Memphis:

"I wanna be in that league.  You can feel the crowd, the energy can change and you go, boom, let’s get rid of that, let’s play over here. Quick, tenth-of-a-second thinking. A fight has the same dynamics."

On where else he’s taking his show:

"Singapore, England, Australia, New Zealand, I think South Africa."

On how he plans to up his act:

"It may seem weird or wimpy, but I want to have some quick dance acts in there. I’d love to sing, but I can’t. Maybe I’ll get the guts one day."

Read the profile in full at Rolling Stone.

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