Say What? Tiffany Haddish Admits Stories In Memoir Were “Tweaked”

by Krystal Franklin

December 18, 2017

Photo by Jerritt Clark/Getty Images for Ciroc

There’s no doubt Tiffany Haddish has had an incredible year, but once rumors surfaced that the 38-year-old comedian may have fabricated parts of her New York Times Best Selling book, fans immediately called her out.

Haddish’s memoir, The Last Black Unicorn, which has been praised for it’s honesty, details a bout with domestic violence that led to a miscarriage and more with ex-husband, whom she married and divorced twice, William Stewart.

Haddish took to Instagram to admit that there are parts of the book that don’t necessarily tell the entire truth. “I ain’t gon’ lie. Some stuff in the book is a little bit… I was like, ‘What?’ “I don’t know if when they edit, maybe they tweak things a little. So, then, in the audiobook, I’m like, ‘No, this is what it is.’”

Watch below.

Meanwhile Stewart has spoken out about the false claims against him, even admitting that he’s seeking legal counsel. Listen below and be sure to click the right arrow to hear the entire interview.

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