Marlon Wayans Talks Scary Movie and Republican Pockets

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Marlon Wayans has a new movie entitled A Haunted House, a comedy that he describes to The Root as "What] if Paranormal Activity happened to black people?

In their Q&A, Marlon expresses disappointment over the way the Scary Movie franchise turned out, plus explains why he has “Democrat skins with Republican pockets.” Oh, how I aspire to join thee.

TR: What do you think of the Scary Movie franchise now that your family has relinquished control?

MW: That’s a tough one. When we first did part one, we loved doing that movie. Part two was kind of rushed, but part three, after all of the nonsense, the [new heads] went a different way. Looking at Scary Movie II, I felt like a father that raised a wonderful child, she turns 18 and is out of your care, and she gets this new boyfriend that turns her into a crackhead. Then people start telling you, "Hey, I saw your daughter! She’s out there doing crack on the streets!" I still love her but I’m not responsible for her actions, and I keep thinking, "I raised her better than that." That’s what I think of Scary Movie.

I wish them well with the franchise, but other than that, it’s a crackhead … with crackheads in it. You’ve got Lindsay Lohan and Charlie Sheen in it, and that’s just a big crackhead explosion.

TR: Switching gears, it’s almost Election Day, and you said something in the past like, "The more money I make, the more the Republican financial policies make sense to me." Do you still feel that way?

MW: I got Democrat skin but Republican pockets. It’s a total big lump of confusion. At the end of the day, I care about my country, so whatever I need to do to make our country better, I’m for that. I know who I’m voting for. Obama has kind eyes, and he’s tried. He’s about the people and America and not about the 3 percent of America that I’m a part of. Yeah, it might seem a little crazy, and I know I’m the one that’s probably going to be taxed, but if it’s going to make my country better, let’s do it.

Read the interview in full over at The Root.

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