Ne-Yo Has Yet Another Response to Trey Songz

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During an interview with Power 105.1’s “The Breakfast Club,” Ne-Yo said there was an “emotional disconnect” between Trey Songz and his music. Trey was later asked about it and branded Ne-Yo’s constructive criticism as a “sucker move.” Naturally, Ne-Yo was asked for a rebuttal to the rebuttal.

“We’ve hashed all that out. That ain’t even nothing to glorify or get into. The things that I said were… it’s a conversation me and him should’ve had privately before I went publically on the radio and said it.

Real talk. I’m a grown ass man who can admit when he was wrong and I was wrong to speak on something about him that I hadn’t speak to him prior about. That was wrong of me. That’s my homeboy, I got nothing but love for that dude.”

He then proceeded to promote Trey’s latest release, Chapter V. Alls well that ends well. “Yuuup.”

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