UPDATE: Erica Garner Dies At 27: ‘When You Report This, Remember She Was Human’

by Krystal Franklin

December 30, 2017

Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images

Story updated Saturday, December 30 at 11A EST.

In a series of tweets from Erica Garner‘s official account, after suffering a heart attack and being pronounced brain dead on Christmas Day, the young activist and daughter of Eric Garner has died.

Our prayers are with the family during this tumultuous time.

The eldest daughter of Eric Garner, Erica, suffered a heart attack on Christmas that has left her in a medically induced coma. A tweet from her official Twitter broke the news early Monday morning.

The account has since provided an update detailing the 27-year-old status.

Since her father’s death in 2014, Erica became an activist and offered her perspective to the Black Lives Matter movement.

Photo by Martin H. Simon/ABC via Getty Images

During the 2016 Democratic presidential primaries, she also endorsed Sen. Bernie Sanders and prominently appeared in an ad for his campaign. Sanders also took to Twitter to offer his well wishes.

Eric Garner’s case, and many others, will appear in Two Sides, a four-part docu-series on TV One, on Monday January 22. Watch the trailer below.


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