Lawrence Taylor Says “I Went as Far as She Would Let Me Go”

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One monkey isn’t going to stop Lawrence Taylor’s show. Even if said monkey is a six year probation sentence following a guilty plea to sexual misconduct and patronizing a prostitute for the $300 tryst.

That prostitute in question, Cristina Fierro, was actually 16 at the time though she claimed she was 19 for fear of a pimp who beat her into submission. As a result, LT testified in a Manhattan federal courtroom over the matter stemming from a suit accusing him of forcing himself on an unwilling and underage prostitute.

The very candid LT acknowledged that he’s probably going to keep trickin’ not only ‘cause he got it, but for the mere fact that he likes it.

LT said: “I know I’m 50-something years old. I still like the chase, but I like to stack the deck a little in my favor. I like to enjoy somebody’s company, but I don’t want to work too hard.”

I wonder if his wife – you know, the one who defended him from these accusations of playing around with the hookers – is pouring bleach onto his clothes.

While we wait for word on that, here’s more of the explicit testimony courtesy of the New York Post:

Taylor’s testimony included a lengthy and graphic discussion of his attempt to perform oral sex on Fierro, with LT saying: “I went as far as she would let me go, until she said, ‘No.’ “Which I didn’t have a problem with, simply because a lot of island girls don’t like that,” he added, after noting that Fierro told him she was Dominican.

He also admitted that when he later had sex with Fierro, she complained that he was too big.

Lawyer Nathan Goldberg, a partner of famed feminist attorney Gloria Allred, confronted Taylor with several passages from his 2003 memoir, “LT: Over the Edge,” including his admitted “prodigious appetite for sex” and the boast that he kept “dial-a-bitch” on his speed-dial.

But Taylor denied an accusation that he called another of Fierro’s lawyers, Mariann Meier Wang, a “bitch” at the end of a recent deposition.

Judge Barbara Jones told the four-woman, four-man jury to disregard that statement.

Dirty old man realness.

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