TV One Moment: Lauryn Hill’s Grammy Night

The 41st Annual GRAMMY Awards

For a women, who never really wanted to partake in the music industry and all of it’s grueling media outlets, singer Lauryn Hill can’t remove her self from the news feeds.

Between her upcoming Single and tour titled Black Rage, her spitting image (Daughter Selah Marley) sitting pretty on the pages of Teen Vogue and the release of her letter explaining why she stopped paying taxes, L. Boogie is on the radar, whether she likes it or not.

Even with her decade hiatus, Lauryn Hill is still kind of a big deal in music. She gained a clan of unconditional fans 13 years ago, for some even before, on February 24, 1999, L. Boogie took over the Grammy Awards. This fearless woman struggled to hold her gramophones and composure at the same time.

Lauryn Hill broke many records at the 1999 Grammy Awards.

Here’s the breakdown:

Her debut album won her five Grammy awards including Best New Artist.

Lauryn’s Album of The Year win was the first for a Hip-Hop Artist.

Taking home five Grammys in one night made her the first female solo artist to do. She would soon be followed by Alicia Keys (2002), Norah Jones (2003), Beyonce (2004), Amy Winehouse (2008) and Adele (2012)

Helping produce Carlos Santana’s Supernatural in 2000 would make her the first artist to win the Album of the Year award in consecutive years.

In one night Lauryn Hill broke barriers for Hip-Hop, cross-genre music and women.

After that night, Lauryn Hill would go on to record her live MTV Unplugged No. 2.0 album, which reached #3 on the Billboard charts. She was also featured on songs with Mary J. Blige, D’Angelo and John Legend.

For the last couple of years, Lauryn’s been on the music festival circuit performing at Coachella, Rock the Bells and Jazz in the Gardens. There is word that she will release an album, Black Rage before the end of the year, and is currently touring with fellow Hip-Hop vet, Nas.