Laura Govan Talks Revenge With Jackie & Feelings About Draya

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Laura Govan has been showing her natural behind throughout the second season of Basketball Wives: LA. Yes, the reality star has been playing the role of sociopath throughout as she targets Jackie Christie for revenge. I’m sounding this extra because she’s been just as extra on the show. Case in point, this new Q&A with Juicy online. Laura continued to berate Christie, and managed to take some not so subtle digs at another Basketball Wives: LA co-star, Draya Michele.

Juicy: This season of BBW you have an agenda to get revenge with JACKIE CHRISTIE, why is this so important?

LAURA GOVAN: I wanted to mirror exactly how she treated me last year. For her to go back and forth with that shit was exhausting. I didn’t even tell my sister what I was doing until the end, and she was prying it out of me. I didn’t wanna hear any opinions, and I didn’t give a fuck. I knew how I was going to deal with it. Immature or not, I didn’t give a shit how the world seen it. I got my rocks off so I was good. It was a lot y’all didn’t get to see.

JUICY: Do you think you crossed the line by bringing Jackie’s daughter, Chantel, into your it?

LG: My initial plan for that was I just wanted [Jackie] to see us together. Chantel didn’t even have to open her mouth, I knew if Jackie just seen us together she was going to flip. When her daughter came to me, I was thinking, ‘Wait a minute I have my own plan, what’s your plan?’ I was so confused. However when she started telling her story, I believed the daughter because she lived it, she told it. I’m listening to this little girl and although she’s an adult I’m like this is not cool. Everything changed. I was thinking here I am, a mother, a daughter. This ain’t right and then the shit changed for me.

JUICY: There is an awkward vibe between you and Draya, what are your feelings about Draya and where does you’re issue with her stem from?

LG: My focus wasn’t on nobody but Jackie. I could see everybody else for who they were. I didn’t like Draya [season 1] for scenes off camera, you guys couldn’t see. With Draya, I’m like, you’re still a slut bucket, but Draya is Draya. She does her thing. She’s like a blunt, you smoke it, you hit it, you pass it and then you toss it and then its a roach and you keep it moving. This year, she’s still the same person but she’s growing, taking ant steps, but she’s getting there. I don’t dislike Draya at all.