Patti LaBelle Forks Over $100,000 Lawsuit

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Towards the end of 2010, Patti LaBelle was reportedly accused of "’yelling, screaming obscenities, throwing water and drenching with water, attempting to strike and physically injure’ Roseanna Monk and her child, Genevieve, in the lobby of Trump Place in Manhattan.

A lawsuit was filed and according to CNN, the superstars singer and cookbook author has agreed to fork over $100,000 to make it all go away.

They report:

Monk’s lawyer, Samuel Davis, told CNN Wednesday that it "took a bunch of depositions" before LaBelle "recognized that she was going to have to face the music."

The singer apparently was upset because she thought the child was wandering around the lobby unattended, Davis said.

"LaBelle besieged them with such ferocity, before she doused them with water, that the baby was crying hysterically," Davis said. "LaBelle would not desist."

Davis called the incident violent and traumatic. "The baby went from crying hysterically to vomiting," he said.

The incident caused a change in the child’s personality for several months, he said.

"She went from being the most outgoing, saying ‘hi’ to everybody in the lobby of her building, to being clingy and shy," he said.

"Patti is a nice lady, but she has some anger issues," Davis said.

The Monks will donate the payment to charity, as Davis will do with his legal fees, which LaBelle must pay, the attorney said.

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