Guess Who NeNe Leakes is Crushing On

Fergie Celebrates The Troops This Holiday Season WithCell Phones For Soldiers And Voli Light

The visual will either make you chuckle or give you horrific nightmares later, but NeNe Leakes says she’s got a thing for Simon Cowell.

Speaking with Radar Online, the breakout star of The Real Housewives of Atlanta confessed: "Simon Cowell, I like him. I do. I want him to come around me with a white T-shirt on and I want him to smoke a cigarette."

T-shirt and tobacco: NeNe’s form of foreplay.

And just in time for Santa, NeNe added: "I’ve been a good girl in 2012. Really, really, really I have. I was a really good girl. Cross my heart and hope to die…I am pretty naughty and a little bit nice."

Now I have a vision of NeNe singing Eartha Kitt’s version of “Santa Baby” stuck in my head.

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