NeNe Leakes and Ex-Husband Back Together

NeNe Leakes Visits “Late Night With Jimmy Fallon”

As you know, NeNe Leakes and ex-husband Gregg Leakes are back together and planning to remarry. And as the latest media rounds of the couple have shown, Gregg is all about bowing down and kissing NeNe’s feet. Some would take that as nothing more than a man who made a mistake doing all that he can to rectify it, but others are whispering it’s being done for more nefarious reasons.

According to Star magazine, Gregg is deep in debt, hence why he’s all about getting back with the woman who is “VERY RICH” (via Wendyista):

Star is reporting that Gregg is not really into Linnethia’s is only after her money. Cause remember, she’s verrrrrrry rich, bitch*. "There’s no way he can cover his debts, so he’s after NeNe again, even though he secretly can’t stand her," a source close the situation told the tabloid. The tabloid says the IRS filed a $45,000 tax lien against Gregg on Dec. 6. That was a drop in a bucket to what he owed the IRS — and a whole lot of people — in 2008. Star’s source adds that Gregg has been gushing about his Linnethia to everyone, but "he’s playing her for a fool and she’s falling for his BS!" Wow!

Pish-posh. Don’t be cynical, kids. Love led them back together, and him getting good credit again is just a bonus.