Nicki Minaj Ready To Pop Off On Mariah Carey

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So apparently the rumors of Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey not getting along on the set of American Idol are true. In a recently released clip from TMZ, Nicki Minaj went straight off on the pop icon – cursing her smooth out.

What prompted the outburst remains in question though if you hear Minaj at the beginning she says, “Say one more disrespectful thing to me.” I didn’t believe all these stories initially, but now that I kinda have no choice to I do recall reports that Mariah Carey had been sniping at Nicki repeatedly during judging. And on the first day, she blatantly talked over her.

Meanwhile,, who initially reported the story alleged that this is what caused the back and forth:

Nicki Minaj walked off of set because Mariah Carey kept making jabs at her.  Nicki’s manager and team convinced her to come back to the show.  Mariah kept at it and called Nicki a bitch and then proceeded to cuss her out.  Producers had to stop filming and call it a night.

Production was then halted.

Here’s the clip in question.

I’m stepping out of the way of the virtual knife fight going on between the Lambs and Barbz.

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