R. Kelly Owes Almost $5 Million in Taxes

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R. Kelly’s tax problems have grown nearly $2 million. The singer-songwriter-producer – who I imagined has amassed millions upon millions in revenue from his successful music and the works he composed for others – had already reportedly owed Uncle Sam $4,848,072.71. That was for unpaid taxes for the years 2005-2010.

Well, now we can add the unpaid taxes for 2011.

According to TMZ, add another $1,379.695.11 for taxes not paid last year. So what’s the grand total now, math whizzes? It’s $6,227,767.82.

Brother, can you please spare a decent accountant?

Meanwhile, a rep for R. Kelly explained to TMZ, "He takes this very seriously and is already communicating with the IRS about the payment process to quickly resolve the issue."

I bet. The courts may not have been able to put him in jail on that other thing, but the government will have you in jail and moving your body like a snake if you don’t pay what you owe.

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