Oprah’s Drama With Her Step Momma

Celebrity Sightings In New York City – October 25, 2012

Oprah’s step-mother wants us to feel sorry for her, but after you hear her grips you’ll probably give her the “girl, bye.” Excuse me, my manners. You’ll likely want to give her the “ma’am, good day.” There, that’s better.

Anywho, Oprah is selling the home her father resided in but his now divorced wife doesn’t want to leave. Now she’s telling the press that Oprah is putting her out with nowhere. However, a rep for Oprah explained that Barbara Winfrey was offered another home for free, but she doesn’t want it.

Barbara told WSMV, "Why should I be put out, other than the fact that you can do it? Because you’re a bully, and that’s what bullies do.”

Or because she pays the bills.


"I have not made a decision yet. That’s my decision to make. It’s not someone else’s to make for me. My credit reputation has been destroyed, my credit has been destroyed. It’s worth more than a home in north Nashville and a car that has 101,000 miles on it," Barbara Winfrey said.

It’s the latest turn in a bitter, public divorce that started in June when Vernon Winfrey’s barbershop in east Nashville went into foreclosure. Oprah bought it to save it.

Then came Barbara Winfrey’s claims her husband pulled a gun on her and was unfaithful.

And, last week, Vernon Winfrey said he is now broke and wants Barbara Winfrey out of the Franklin home.

"I have no money to afford to give her to continue to stay there in almost a 20-room house. No one but her," Vernon Winfrey said.

Barbara Winfrey said she and her husband owned nine other properties, and that is why she refuses to take just the car and home in north Nashville.

There ain’t nothing going on but the rent Oprah pays.

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