Evelyn Lozada Wants To Be The Next Jane Fonda

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According to TMZ, Evelyn Lozada wants to be the next Jane Fonda. My immediate response to that is “Girl, good luck with that.” Also: “And Keri Hilson would like to be as big as Beyoncé.

Even so, Evelyn has rather astutely realized that the cheap fame scored from reality TV isn’t long lasting. So, after scoring a new six-figure endorsement deal for an organic and caffeine free energy shot called youthH20, she is setting her sights on a new money path.

The site reports:

Our sources say Lozada is also close to signing on to create her own brand of workout videos as well as a deal to become the face of a workout equipment company. Judging from the pic below she recently posted on Instagram … it’s easy to see why.

We’re told she knows "Wives" won’t last forever and wants to create a workout empire a la Jane Fonda — who made millions on workout books and tapes.

Y’all ready to throw dollars Eve’s way to help you train?

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