[MUST-SEE] Football Recruits Mom Storms Out On National TV After Son Commits To Florida

by Krystal Franklin

February 8, 2018

Photo screen grab from Sports Illustrated

This week high school athletes everywhere are making decisions on where they will spend the next few years of their college career. And while this should be an amazing accomplishment, for Jacob Copeland it turned into something totally different.

Joined by his family and friends, the number five ranked Wide Receiver committed to the University of Florida over the University of Tennessee and University of Alabama. His mom, obviously very upset about his choice, selfishly left the nationally televised press conference. Watch below.

Your black son is alive (in a day in age where so many of our young black men don’t make it to see 21) and going to college for free to perform on a stage that not many kids see possible and you embarrass him on national television? Oh.

Jacob has since tried to defend his mother’s very public actions, but black folks know what that really is (we will never speak ill of the person that raised us).

We at least know someone who is happy, the Florida Gators. Watch their reaction to Jacob’s decision below.

TELL US: Was the reaction from Jacob’s mother what you expected? Fair or foul?

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