Chris Rock Opens Up About Affairs While Married: ‘I Thought I Was The Sh*t’

by Krystal Franklin

February 15, 2018

Photo by WireImage

Chris Rock is coming clean in his newest Netflix comedy special, Tamborine. The 53-year-old comedian opened up about his marriage to ex-wife Malaak Compton Rock and took responsibility for their 2016 divorce.

“I was married for 16 years.  It’s my fault, because I’m a f-cking asshole. I didn’t listen. I wasn’t kind. I had an attitude. I thought, ‘I pay for everything, I can do what I want.’ That sh-t don’t f-cking work! I just thought I was the sh-t.”

Photo by Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic

According to E! News Rock even revealed he slept with three different women while on the road.

“It’s f-cked up. When guys cheat, it’s like we want something new. But then you know what happens? Your woman finds out, and now she’s new. She is never the same again. So now you have new, but you have a bad new.”

If that’s not honesty I don’t know what is. And for the the record, yes it sucks that women have to experience betrayal before a man has his aha! moment. It absolutely sucks.

Rock has since moved on and has been dating actress Megalyn Echikunwoke (CSI: Miami) since 2016.

Watch the trailer for Tamborine below.

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