Some People Really Want Chris Brown and Rihanna Back Together

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Here’s your daily dose of Chrianna Internet folklore. In today’s installment, a British tabloid says that Jay-Z is no longer fighting the good fight in trying to keep Rihanna away from Chris Brown. As you know, the British tabloids are to truth what a Chinese take out spot in the hood is to fine dining.

Some of you are going to miss that.

Here’s The Sun spin:

She met Chris – who has admitted assaulting her in the past – three times while she cruised the Med on her £100K-a-week yacht.

A source revealed: “Jay-Z sees Rihanna like a daughter and has sent his right-hand man Jay to Barbados to see what’s going on with her and Chris.

“She admitted they’re pretty much back on and Jay told her they’re all behind her and want her to be happy.

“Chris is even flying out to the island to see her soon. She knows that a load of her fans aren’t going to be happy about them hanging out though – people still haven’t forgiven him.”

Tear-ups in nightclubs can’t be doing much to help that.

In related news, Jay-Z has put out a hit on King Triton for sending a dirty text to Beyoncé.

— Michael Arceneaux

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