Louis Farrakhan Wants You To Know He Didn’t Kill Malcolm X

by Krystal Franklin

February 20, 2018

Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images

The day before the 53rd anniversary of the assassination of Malcolm X, Minister Louis Farrakhan shot down rumors he was responsible for the death of the human rights leader.

Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images


“I did not kill Malcolm X. The enemy is so frightened that black people listen to Farrakhan that they put it out that Farrakhan had something to with the murder of Malcolm X,” Farrakhan captioned his Instagram post. “This is how wicked the media is. Don’t you know as much as they hate me if they had any proof that I did something like that, don’t you know they’d take me off the street in the twinkling of an eye and bury me under the jail.”

Watch below.


In 2010, Thomas Hagan, who is the only man to ever admit to having had any part in Malcolm X’s assassination, was released from prison after serving 44 years.

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