Rihanna’s Not Worried About the Competition

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Since there’s so much gossip floating around about her, might as well do a Rihanna rumor roundup.

Starting with Rih-Rih not being pissed that Karrueche Tran was hanging with Chris Brown in Paris recently:

“Rihanna is not stupid and she know his little side piece is there but she ain’t tripping on the small s**t and trust, it’s really small,” a source tells HollywoodLife.com. “Ri don’t even pay attention to that because there’s no point.

“She would never give time or spend a second thinking about another bi**h that’s not even in her same league. Come on now, there’s really just no comparison and she could care less about another bi**h or where they are in world because she and Chris know what time it is!”

Our source also shot down rumors that Rihanna and Chris are feuding over Karrueche‘s presence, calling such reports “lies” and adding that the two “talk every f**king day, every hour and every second.”

Or maybe she is:

Rihanna took to Twitter to say, “Mama gets to blackout TONIGHT!!!!” which should never be a goal. Instead of pulling a Lindsay Lohan, Rihanna should definitely try to help her relationship matters with actually talking things out, don’t you think HollywoodLifers?

This all stems from the ultimatum RiRi made to Chris about his player like ways when a source told HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY, “She feels disrespected and he’s trying to play games and s**t but you know there comes a time when the bi**h is going to wake up and be like ‘oh helllll no’ and that’s the type of s**t she on right now.” And the reason she feels this way is because he keeps going back and forth between Karrueche and Rihanna.

So the ball is in Chris Brown’s court. He has to man up and choose Rihanna or Karrueche Tran.

Meanwhile, Simon Cowell may want to give Rihanna a job:

According to sources, Simon plans to meet with RiRi over the holiday to talk business. Her fiery personality has his eyes seeing dollar signs!! $$$

"Simon is a huge admirer of Rihanna and knows she’s star quality. As well as bringing an aura to the panel thanks to her current standing in music, she is also feisty and will make great TV. Simon loves these sort of characters."

Hmm… well, he does like to spend Christmas on Barbados. And that’s where Rih meets up with her  family… sooo, this could actually pan out well if it’s true!

As for Breezy, it’s been rumored that Simon wants him to replace L.A., but a spokesperson for Simon has denounced the report as 100% false.

I’m spent.

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