Spoiled Food and Moldy Dorms? Yikes! Angry Hampton University Students Demand Answers

by Ellyce Ferguson

February 23, 2018

Photo Courtesy via Twitter

Hampton University students are outraged over the conditions of their HBCU, and they are speaking up! A student told News 3 that there was mold in the shower of the dorm she lived in.

“I have asthma and eczema. It was flaring up really bad,” the student said. “They would just come in and spray paint over the mold and spray Clorox over it and two weeks later it would still be there.”

Students arranged a town hall meeting with campus administration to express their concerns, and have been using the hashtag #HUTownhall to air out their grievances on social media.

A Hampton University student went to Twitter to air out her grievances with the school’s conditions, and posted a video showing a metal object that was allegedly in the pasta served in the school’s cafe.

In response, more students began posting pictures of food they allegedly were served in the Hampton University cafe. The pictures below will definitely turn your stomach.

That’s disgusting! The administration told News 3 that the school’s dining hall passed two inspections last month, but evidently that inspection was not very thorough. Food is not the only issue that students have complaints about.

The way administration deals with cases of sexual assault was another concern addressed at the town hall meeting. Students at the meeting claimed that William R. Harvey, the president of the university, was dodging questions about sexual assault on campus. When he did address the questions, students were unsatisfied.

Students expressing their voices via social media has gained the attention of alumni, and even encouraged some to reach out and help.

Hampton University is not the only HBCU that has been under fire due to allegations of poor conditions. Wale donated $5,ooo to Grambling State University in 2013 to improve the football team’s facilities, after complaints from the player’s went viral.

We hope even more celebrities and alumni will continue to contribute, and that students will keep speaking out! Your voices make a difference.

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