Diva Monifah Squashes Diva Drama: Season 2 Episode 3


“I’m actively walking in my blessing.”

R&B Divas: Atlanta           Season 2

Episode 3:                        Work it Diva

Celebrity Blogger:             Diva Monifah

In episode three, Diva Monifah returns to the music spotlight during her NY music showcase after a ten year absence to promote her upcoming album while the divas have drama about a concert e-blast which was sent without their permission.  Find out the real deal about this season’s drama including the mushin’ incident directly from the purple princess herself, Diva Monifah.


Diva Monifah on What’s Next & Her NY Music Showcase

I’ve been working on my music and taking it one day at a time. I’m actively walking in my blessing!  My music is coming this summer…stay tuned!

My music showcase was soooooo big for me!  It was the first time people heard me sing live with my band and I was excited for them to see what I’ve been up too.  What you saw was good anxiety, good nervousness and I was definitely excited to be back on stage in my city, NYC!!!!!  I focused on what I was supposed to and my team pulled it together flawlessly!!!!   It was a great night.  It was my night!

I was excited to have the divas see me perform!  I really wanted the ladies to see what I bring to the table musically at this time!!! It was nice to see my peers, now my colleagues, be genuinely excited about seeing me perform and coming to NYC to celebrate this accomplishment with me! 


The Tour E-blast… Really?!!!!!

I saw that tour e-blast while getting ready for my NY music showcase.  I went NUTS on my way to sound check and about two minutes in, I let it go!!!! I was like WHATEVA; that’s what I have a manager for!!!!!!!!!  I’m so glad the other divas had enough respect for me and my event to not bring that B.S. to my showcase because at this juncture of my career, I would have PUT THEM OUT for real!  The divas showing me real love on stage and beforehand, that’s AWESOME and so appreciated!

Diva Monifah on L-O-V-E & Self Control

If you’re wondering, I am still in love with Terez!   A-B-S-O-L-U-E-T-L-Y!!!! We will be celebrating three years in July and the best is yet to come!!!!

I really believe that CONTROL is key in life!  You can’t control people but you sure can control your own actions and how you respond.  Nobody makes you do anything you don’t want too.  You have to always be in control of yourself!  That’s real! 


Diva Monifah Set’s the Record Straight on MUSHIN’

The bottom line is it wasn’t that serious!  We [the divas] were in LA doing a press junket in-between filming seasons. Syleena and I were talking smack to each other, I said something slick and she reached over & "mushed" me in jest.  I was like, " YO son" and smacked her hand away.   

Fast forward to sometime later; Nicci and I were discussing our concerns about her issues with Syleena and Nicci shared that she felt Syleena was aggressive. So I shared my "non-incident" at the junket.

The rest, I can’t call!

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