Diva Manager Syleecia Talks Tour: Season 2 Ep. 4


School is Now in Session — “I’m a full-time professor in NYC at an accredited university and I am also a full time entertainment manager; I do both very well."

R&B Divas: Atlanta          Season 2

Episode 4:                        So So Diva

Celebrity Blogger:             Diva Manager Syleecia







Diva Manager Syleecia Talks About The E-blast Tour Meeting

All the divas were in NYC and we were supposed to meet but it’s been so much drama going on that it’s hard to get everybody together at the same time.  Nicci was at a TV One related event, Angie had a show, I don’t know where Faith was and I think KeKe had a show and then left because of impending snow, so it was just Monifah, her manager, LaTocha and her manager/husband and Syleena and I. 

Anyway, the purpose of the meeting was to CLEAR THE AIR and talk about that tour e-blast that went out. Monifah’s manager Big John went directly to the owner of the company.  He was absolutely correct in doing so!  For the record, I did NOT send out that e-blast or tell anyone to send it out.  During that meeting, I wanted to say my peace as well because I knew exactly what was said about me and the remarks were a bit FRAUDULENT. 

Diva Manager Syleecia Talks Tour

Whoever wants to tour, can tour.  I’m not going to say at this time who is working on what but Syleena will be touring. I am working on her and Musiq SoulChild’s tour as well as a few other tour possibilities. One monkey doesn’t stop the show, two monkeys don’t stop the show and as a matter of fact, three monkeys won’t stop the show, either. 

The first tour I managed with Syleena was the R. Kelly TP-2.com tour in 2001 so I think I know a little something about tours.  I also know that I would never send out a tour announcement or get one approved to send out; that’s the booking agent!   In response to the “take a seat” remark (Episode 3), I say take several seats and never get up. As a matter of fact, take a whole CLASSROOM full of seats!


Who You Calling School Teacher?

I did not appreciate the “school teacher” remark in Episode 3.  As a “school teacher,” I’ve brokerage many deals for Syleena, one of which is showcased in this episode with her True Diva Hair Collection with Renown Premium Hair.  It’s funny because this school teacher negotiated for Syleena to be a cast member of R&B Divas! First and foremost, it was disrespectful for another Black woman to demean my education. We, as women, should be empowering, uplifting and encouraging other women. There’s nothing wrong with being a school teacher but for the record, I’ve been a full-time professor for 12 years and I am also a full time entertainment manager.  I do both very well.  However, I wouldn’t expect someone who knows nothing about education to embrace someone with education. So, I digress. 

I have three degrees; a Bachelor of Science in Economics (B.S.), a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) and a Doctorate degree in Business (D.B.A.). All three of those degrees have helped me navigate successfully in the entertainment management field.  

To say “she’s a school teacher, she needs to have a seat at her desk and teach her damn kids,” (Episode 3) when I have closed lucrative international tour deals and launched record labels is CRAZY.  HOW SAD!  I actually stand at a podium and lecture. I don’t sit at a desk. My students are adults. Some of them the same age as Nicci! I invite Nicci to come to any of my lectures so she can brush up on: * Leadership, *Business, *Strategy and *Management. My doors are open 🙂



The Photo Shoot:  Syleena’s New Hair Line

Syleena was happy that LaTocha stopped by the photo shoot for moral support. It was really cool that one of the newest divas would take the time and just be there.  LaTocha keeps an open mind even with ALL the drama going on. She’s a real class act.  

Syleena is so excited about her hair line, True Diva Collection with Renown Premium Hair.  She loves fashion, make-up and hair so this was a perfect fit for her.  Although she loves rocking her own natural hair she wears weaves, wigs and extensions to preserve her own locks.  We are in a great partnership with Toi Troutman of Renown Premium Hair for two years.  We are looking to have several launch parties throughout the country in the next couple of months to service potential clients with personal one-on-one hair consultations. 


Syleena, Sister Sylette & Mom

In this episode you will see our oldest sister Sylette trying to convince Syleena to let mom come and stay with her.  I was in NY at the time but it’s all good because Sylette is the best for dealing with mom, not me.  Sylette is the peacemaker!  Syleena and I joke around and say she is our mother’s mother and our mother because she is so tolerable.  I am great at dealing with our dad Syl and Sylette has the gift of dealing with our mom and that takes some skills!  

My mom is a piece of work but I’m glad that she went to Syleena’s.  She needs our love and support at this time.  My mom is very stubborn.  She still thinks we are all little girls and has not learned to co-exist with us as adults.   This is going to be very interesting!! You’ll be seeing more of mom so stay tuned!

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