Letter to Single Dads

This one is for the MEN ladies!  Happy Father’s Day!

Dear Single Dads,

I am always hearing about single moms holding it down but what about the baby daddies?  You can’t all be dead beats who were simply sperm donors!

In my opinion, 9 times out of 10, baby daddies get a bad rap because they are not with their child’s mother for WHATEVER reason. Moving on takes maturity but remember the child should not have to suffer in the process.

According to government statistics cited in 2010, 72% of Black babies (compared to 17% of Asians, 29% of whites, 53% of Hispanics and 66% of Native Americans) were born to unmarried mothers.  But “unmarried mothers” does not have to mean that the father (YOU) is not present in the child’s life. Source.

Although most women want to be married, many have made a deliberate decision to be a mother without a wedding ring or name change. Although you may not like it, it is what it is.

Just because you may not live in the same house with your child doesn’t mean you are throwing in the towel…right?  I know plenty of do-right Black baby daddies that are taking care of theirs and then some.  I admit that their situations may not be what we call “perfect” but what really is?

If your having problems keeping the peace with your baby’s mother, follow with these simple rules:

1. Be There For Your Child

2.  Don’t Make Promises You Can’t Keep

3.  Be Honest With Your Baby Mother

4.  Be With Your Current Mate OR Your Baby Mother- NOT Both

If you think it’s not a big deal to not be there for your child, think again.  Statistics show that kids that don’t have a father are more likely to experience greater risks in life. 

Father’s Day can be bittersweet for a lot of my sisters out here but it doesn’t have to be. If you work together in the best interest of your child, all parties involved can be drama free.

Being a father is one of life’s great joys and accomplishments.  Enjoy it!  Happy Father’s Day!


Darling Nikki

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