For The Loners…How To Host a Singles Holiday Party

LonersIt’s that time of year when even the grouchiest person seems a little nice and willing to open the doors to their home.  For singles, the holidays can seem a little lonely but it doesn’t have to be!  Throw a party for your single crew using my TOP FIVE TIPS and celebrate the holidays with a little cheer of your own.

1.       Keep it on the Cheap

There’s no reason to blow your spring wardrobe budget on a holiday get-together.  REMEMBER: Your not trying to IMPRESS you are simply trying to have FUN.  Don’t forget that the DOLLAR STORE is your friend for affordable festival decorations.

2.      No Pressure

This is not a time to be playing match maker!  There is no worse pressure than a bunch of singles getting together with the hopes of “finding” “the one.”  Just enjoy each other’s company and let the night take its course. 


3.      Hostess with the Mostess

Be the life of the party as the hostess!  Although it may be tempting, don’t stay in the kitchen or corner all night chatting with your bestie.  Mingle! Mingle! Mingle!  Take a moment to speak to each guest so they can ALL feel appreciated.

4.      Fab Food

Just because you didn’t slave over a stove all day doesn’t mean your menu isn’t fabulous!  If your not up for kitchen duty, don’t forget about your local Chinese take-out spot, soul food place, bakery or even pizzeria.  Also, don’t be afraid to ask your invitees to bring a dish to your main event. 

5.      Music Please

Select your groove VERY carefully.  Nobody wants to hear Debbie downer music.  Keep it upbeat and FUN!


Follow these tried and true five fabulous tips, from yours truly, for a great holiday party sure to have your friends talking for months to come!

Happy Holidays!

Darling Nikki

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