Diva Database: Pam Grier

Pam Grier In Hit Man

When an afro-wearing nurse, named Coffy, goes vigilante on drug lords and pimps to avenge her drug-addicted sister, we get our first black female action hero. In 70s blaxploitation films, Pam Grier was known for kicking butts and taking names, while looking, well, foxy. She was the righteous sister righting wrongs against women in a world full of pimps, hustlers and drug pushers, and she became the first black woman to grace the cover of Ms. Magazine, recognizing her as a feminist icon. In the 90s, Quentin Tarantino would pay homage to her in “Jackie Brown” and she’d get a Golden Globe nod for her work. This diva’s career has held up just like her foxy good looks.