Parents, Are Your Children Allowed To Participate In #NationalWalkoutDay?

by Krystal Franklin

March 14, 2018

Photo courtesy of MSNBC Twitter

Across the country, waves of students marched out of class Wednesday morning to demand stricter gun laws and an end to school massacres, in light of the deadly shooting school shooting last month at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School that left 17 people dead.

According to CNN, those participating are asking Congress for three things, “ban assault weapons, require universal background checks before gun sales and pass a gun violence restraining order law that would allow courts to disarm people who display warning signs of violent behavior.”

Sounds like a noble thing these young people are doing right? Unfortunately not everyone agrees. In light of their right to protest, there are some schools that are choosing disciplinary action to any student who decides to walk out.

We want to hear from you parents. Tell us, do you support your child’s decision to walk out?

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