Mýa’s Ex-Managers Told Her To Do What?! The Singer Reveals What She Was Advised To Do For Publicity

by Ellyce Ferguson

March 16, 2018

Photo by Lily Lawrence/WireImage

Mýa has never been interested in selling out, or faking romantic relationships for fame. The R&B singer opened up to Hot 97 in an interview about how former managers would advise her take illegitimate means to success by dating certain celebrities for publicity, advice she refused to take! Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill‘s former love had people wondering if the relationship was a “publicity stunt,” but Mýa’s intention was to avoid any rumors of the sort. 

“You have to understand your intention. My intention has always been love and connection with a person beyond anything else. I’ve been so private because I didn’t want it to make or break me because I didn’t want it to be a public stunt. I’ve really fired a lot of managers that had that mindset or publicists that had that mindset of, ‘Oh, you need to go on a date with this person because it’s going to help album sales.’ No thank-you. That’s not my flow. I don’t like it. I understand it from that perspective. … I am single. Focused. Celibate.”

A rumor that the Case of The Ex singer had an ongoing affair with JAY-Z surfaced, and Mýa shut it down with the quickness by replying to a fan on Instagram who questioned if the rumor was true. The duo released the hit song Best Of Me (Part 2) together in 2000.


Keep being genuine & staying true to yourself, sis!

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