Tyrese and Rev Run’s New Book Have People Talking

Rev Run And Tyrese Gibson Sign Copies Of Their Book “Manology: Secrets of a Man’s Mind Revealed”

Rev. Run and Tyrese have struck literary gold with their new book, Manology, which just hit the New York Times bestsellers list. This brings sadness to my heart and common sense, because for the life of me, I’m not sure why women pay money to read sexism. This means you, women who believe in self-efficiency and being equal to that of a man.

In a recent radio interview, Tyrese repeated his disdain for “independent women”:

When I say don’t independence your way into loneliness, that means so many women are so angry and so bitter and so mad because of the things that they’ve experienced when it comes to men. They’ve created this force field, this rebellious force field that even if someone has great energy, good energy, okay energy, thugged out bad boy energy, it’s like bug spray. ‘Get up off me, I ain’t having it, me and my homegirls have built this resistance against all men. And we’re just mad and we sit around and we just swap hell stories about everything that they did, said, lied, cheating, slept with my homegirl…just wrong. Wrong. I hate ‘em. I don’t like ‘em.”

You heard the song that  Beyoncé put out. *sings “Single Ladies”*’ So she’s onstage performing independent ladies and all this and she’s running behind the curtain and falling from dancing so hard [into] Jay-Z’s arms.