Spinderella Remixes The Whispers


The Whispers are so much a part of our music and our culture. They’re THAT beloved group that everyone adores.  Everytime I see The Whispers perform, I make it a point to thank them and soon you are going to find out why!  That’s one group I have a SPECIAL connection with.

Who Knew?

Again, Unsung does a phenomenal job of giving us the inside story.  I know The Whispers music but I didn’t know their legacy.  I didn’t know they were from WATTS, CA!!!!! Crazy!

It’s obvious, many would eventually witness the incredible talents of these young brothers including a young DJ by the name of Sly Stone.  I mean who knew that before Sly became Sly and the Family Stone, that he’d be the one who would basically help bring The Whispers music to light by giving it airplay on the radio. It seems Sly always had an ear for music, even back then.  When he called the group and asked them to come down and support their record, the rest was history. Who knew???

Their connection to other Unsung profiled artists such as Donny Hathaway and Phyllis Hyman are incredible.  In their 50 years in the biz, The Whispers have seen a lot of stars come and go.



Spinderella on 50 Years and Going Strong

To be a part of ANY group for 50 years is remarkable!  50 years is simply unheard of!!!!! Who does that?  THE WHISPERS; that’s who!  They are one of the most consistent R&B acts in history and no one can ever take that away from them.  Nicholas Caldwell of the group said it best when he spoke about friendships being tested and the ups and downs associated with that.  It was so good to see that they had LOYALITY for each other, no matter what.

Spinderella’s Favorite Whispers Grooves

I have so many favorite Whispers songs but if I had to pick, I would definitely say “A Song for Donny.”  To this day, that song STILL gives me chills.

Another favorite is “(Olivia) Lost and Turned Out.” That song is such a beautiful groove. The sound itself is beautiful. The older you get, the more you understand the complexity of the lyrics.  I never knew that it was a story about a real woman named Olivia in prostitution.  To this day, the lyrics are still relevant.  Right now, somebody’s baby girl is living that life and they are praying she comes home.  Deep!

I never knew that the pimps LOVED The Whispers and adhered to their music but it makes sense because The Whispers put it down lyrically and the ladies loved them.  The pimps really connected to The Whispers but that went sour when the song “Olivia” broke.

“And the Beat Goes On,” is another Whispers classic!  My dad loved that song.  “Rock Steady” was their ultimate song that took their careers to the next level.  More known for they’re love ballads, people weren’t use to hearing them sing up tempo, dance music but when they started dropping it they fit right in!

And let’s not forget their Christmas album!  Don’t get me STARTED!!!!! It’s a MUST have.  It stands the test of time!  “This Christmas,” is one of my favorites.


The Whispers Style

The Whispers definitely had a distinctive style.  Can you say Mustache!!!! They were definitely known for their big mustaches, big afros and those suits.  It seems like the more pastel the look was, the better!  The suits of the 70’s…got to love it!

Great Date Nights and September 5, 1992 with The Whispers

The Whispers are definitely responsible for some GREAT date nights and that’s the TRUTH! I know for a fact they are responsible for a lot of babies being conceived. LOL!!!

September 5, 1992 with The Whispers changed my life.  The Whispers were performing in NYC and I had tickets so me with my 7 month old pregnant belly and my baby’s father’s with my best friend and her man all went on a double date.

We had GREAT seats…DEAD CENTER. My pregnant butt was jumping up out of my seat and singing all the songs.  I was yelling SCOTTY AND WALTER…WE LOVE YOU!  People were looking at me like I was crazy!!! I had so much energy.  My baby father’s and best friend was like “what’s wrong with YOU?” LOL!!!!!

I got home around 11 PM that night and my water broke.  My beautiful daughter was born a few hours later at around 6 AM on September 6.  She was early but perfect.  I had the ultimate amount of energy thanks to The Whispers.  I will NEVER forget them for that. They are behind my pre-mature labor!  LOL!

I got a chance to tell them that story and they laughed soooo much!  The Whispers are responsible for a lot of births in more ways than one.

Spinderella on What The Whispers Taught Her

If artists can maintain they can achieve greatness!  If you can get over the bumps and hurdles and get over not always being popular there’s possibility of a whole new life in your career.  That’s why at the end of the day, if you’re in this business, you should do it for the LOVE and not for the money!!!!  The Whispers talked about wanting to give up on many occasions, but thankfully they didn’t.  They LOVE what they do and there is a lot to be said for that. It’s great to know that they are still out there – performing and giving us great music.

This episode has inspired me to rediscover The Whispers and go back in the archives and check out their early, early music; the music that wasn’t necessary hits but still gems, musical treasures!


Spinderella AKA Spindeezy!

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