Why Black Panther’s T’Challa’s Guest Appearance On Black Jeopardy Is The Best Thing You’ll Watch All Day

by Ellyce Ferguson

April 9, 2018

Photo via Screen Grab From YouTube/Saturday Night Live

If you’ve ever watched Saturday Night Live skits, you know they’re either hit or miss. There’s no question that this past weekend’s Black Jeopardy skit was a hit, mainly because it featured one of the world’s current favorite fictional leaders from Black Panther!

King T’Challa (Chadwick Boseman) came all the way from Wakanda to play on the gameshow and his responses to questions were everything, especially since his character was unfamiliar with life in America to say the least!

With categories such as “Fid-Na,” “Aw Hell No,” and “Girl, Bye” along with Kenan Thompson hosting the parody as Darnell, this skit had us cracking up! Check it out below.

T’Challa had a rough start at the beginning, but got the hang of it at the end when he answered the “White People” category question of what to say when Karen brings her potato salad to the cookout. He responded, “Aw hell naw, Karen! Keep your bland-ass potato salad to yourself.”

This sketch will obviously go down in history as one of the best SNL moments! It’s definitely up there with the episode where Tom Hanks made an appearance as a redneck on the Jeopardy spoof. One thing is for sure – Saturday’s episode took it to another level of hilarious!

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