What To Do With Whitney Houston’s Hotel Room

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The hotel room Whitney Houston died in hasn’t been made available to guests since the iconic singer’s untimely death. However, that may soon change as the hotel wavers over a decision about what to do with the infamous room. After you read about the Beverly Hilton’s thought process, riddle me this: If the room become available, would you want to stay in it knowing what happened?

The Los Angeles Times reports:

While the circumstances of her death and the events leading to it have been thoroughly reported, one question remains: What will happen to Room 434?

Since Houston’s death, the room where she died has been taken off rotation and the number was removed from the door to discourage gawkers.

“The anniversary of Whitney Houston’s death is a sad reminder to us all that we have lost an iconic and well-loved entertainer. Out of respect to the family and fans of Whitney, the guest room where she stayed was immediately taken out of inventory and all contents were removed,” reads a statement issued by the Hilton. “Hotel management is considering options to repurpose the space but has made no final decisions at this time.”  

Although the statement says a final decision has yet to be made, the room will quietly be placed back into rotation, according to a source with the famous hotel.

As for the more macabre guests hoping to book the room the singer died in, it’s unlikely it will have the same number. And since the Beverly Hills Police Department stripped the scene of most of its furniture a year ago, including the tub where the singer drowned, the room will undoubtedly receive a makeover before it’s reassigned a new number on its door.

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