Trey Songz Explains His Drama With R. Kelly

Trey Songz Performs in London

If you recall, Trey Songz sort of picked a fight with R. Kelly over what he felt was a declining value to his sound. Trey still maintains that as a fan, Kelly wasn’t on top of his game. Initially the singer-songwriter-producer took offense, but apparently they have buried the hatchet. Speaking with Tim Westwood, Trey reflects on the beef — saying he was simply being a fan, only his opinion was elevated given his celebrity.

Now, before you watch the clip below, tell me something: Shouldn’t someone tell Trey that his talent is a lot better than songs with hooks that speak of going to the club for “the bitches and the drinks?” How is that for “growth?” Mind you, Kelly didn’t get “bad” for a decade and while his Negro telenovela videos and diet Sam Cooke songs aren’t my thing, they’re still well received.

Just something to consider.

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