Could Vivica A. Fox Use a Little US Open Etiquette?

The Moet & Chandon Suite at the 2012 US Open – Day 4

Recently Vivica A. Fox was a guest at the U.S. Open in support of tennis star Venus Williams. So, the actress, producer, wig seller and whatever else she does was a whole lot to people there. You know how you can’t take folks you love everywhere.

Some people very likely feel that Vivica A. Fox should never go back to the U.S. Open. I’m sure she had a good time, though.

In the meantime, New York Times writer Ben Rothenberg, covered the tennis matches…and Vivica’s antics via his Twitter account:

Ball called out. Vivica A. Fox:"NO IT WAS NOT NO IT WAS NOT!" Vivica was right. Germans shake heads in disapproval. #USOpen

A German reporter is complaining to me about Vivica A. Fox’s tennis etiquette here tonight. "I liked her in Independance Day, but…" #USOpen

Any yelling you hear on TV is Vivica. Trust me on that one. #USOpen

Venus return winner to break for 4-2. Vivica dancing with a glass of champagne raised high. #USOpen

[First serve misses] Vivica: "THAT’S ALRIGHT!!" [Second serve lands in] Vivica: "GOOD GIRL!" Reacting verbally to every shot now. #USOpen

Vivica punching the air like it owes her money after that Venus overhead winner. #USOpen

Venus holds for 5-4, and Vivica is PSYCHED for Cotton Eye Joe. #USOpen

Venus loses. Vivica serving some serious McKayla Maroney. #USOpen

Kerber says she heard Vivica. "I heard, but I tried not to hear her." #USOpen

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