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The Story You Know Isn’t the Whole Story!

Jam Master Jay. Marvin Gaye. Rae Carruth.

We’ve all heard the sad news about death, murder and mayhem, but now TV One digging deep and is bringing you the details and the interviews you haven’t heard. Celebrity Crime Files delves into the most controversial cases involving some of the most prominent figures of our time. It uncovers the real story behind the murder of Jam Master Jay, unveils the truth about the homicide of promising actor and rapper Merlin Santana, and unearths the facts surrounding the disappearance of basketball star Brian Williams a.k.a. Bison Dele.

Think you’ve heard it all before? Celebrity brings all the competing theories on the crimes, not just the ones you already know. Does your theory hold up to the truth? Watch Celebrity Crime Files starting Oct. 15 to find out where the truth lies.