Toya Wright Explains Why She Declined RHOA

“Let It Shine” Cast Tour

Although Toya Wright has gain notoriety as Lil’ Wayne’s first wife and the star of two reality shows oN BET, her celebrity would’ve certainly gotten a boost had she joined the hugely popular The Real Housewives of Atlanta. That almost can to be, though ultimately Toya decided that the show wouldn’t be a great fit for her. Oh, because she’s like classy and all that.

Speaking with Sister 2 Sister, Toya explained:

“I interviewed for the ‘Housewives,’ but I’m so used to doing shows with my producer, James DuBose, and being an executive producer on a show so I’m able to see how they portray me.”

“I work so hard to build such a positive brand and to just let people know who I am. I don’t want to mess that up.”

“With the producers it’s about making good TV and some of them don’t really care about your personal life, as long as it’s something interesting for the cameras and something they can take to the next level to make juicy, they’re going to do it.”

Which means I’ll never get to see Andy Cohen ask Toya strange questions about Lil’ Wayne. I mean, I get the whole “positive” argument, but it’s not like Toya was dressed up like Whoopi Goldberg in Ghost and running ‘round trying to fix the lives of strangers. My ears would’ve had a panic attack trying to listen to a conversation between she and NeNe Leakes anyhow.

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