Tony Danza Talks Friendship With Tupac

Today – Season 61

Tony Danza appeared on Access Hollywood Live this week and during that chat revisited an old story about his homeboy, Tupac Shakur.

Yeah, they were prison pals and the Who’s The Boss? star continues to think quite fondly of the iconic rapper and fellow actor.

Here’s how he explained how their friendly relationship was forged:

“I was trying to make a point that since he had five bullets holes in him and he was in jail and he’s the same guy that wrote ‘Dear Mama’ and did all those great acting roles, I said, ‘Maybe there is a better way to do this. Maybe, I know you can’t be a goodie two-shoes in your business, but maybe there is a way to inspire kids,” Tony said, recalling his exchange with Tupac while he was behind bars in 1995.

“I said, ‘Because you have such a great influence, responsibility comes with that,” Tony continued. “He wrote me back [and said], ‘Thanks for understanding me.’”

Eventually the unlikely pair became pen pals and many more letters followed.

“Then we started having this writing thing,” Tony told Billy and Kit.

The actor-turned-teacher/author was able to meet Tupac before he died in 1996.

“Then I ran into him to him at a premiere,” Tony added.

Now I just wish Betty White and Foxy Brown were cool.

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