The Man Allegedly At The Center of Kevin Hart’s Extortion Drama…His Friend of 15 Years?!

by Jessica Lane

May 3, 2018

Photo by Jesse Grant/Getty Images for Professional Bowlers Association & Jerod Harris/WireImage

It’s always the ones closest to you….

Authorities arrested 41-year-old Jonathan Todd “J.T.” Jackson on Tuesday and charged him with extortion. According to law enforcement, Jackson, a longtime friend of Kevin Hart (more than 15 years!), thought he could make a few easy bucks from Hart’s indiscretions and put this plan into motion.

This is one cool ass dude right here yall. Mad respect for the homie. #nohashtagsneeded

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A few months ago, Hart got seriously caught up. Someone videotaped Hart and a woman – not his wife – having sex in Vegas. At the time, they had no clue they were being recorded. That person, who authorities now think is Jackson, produced a trailer to the sex tape and threatened to release the full thing if Hart didn’t give him some undisclosed amount of money.

And we all know what happened afterward…Hart’s very public apology to his rib, aka his pregnant wife. And, his multi-million dollar comedy tour, the Irresponsible Tour, where he laid his infidelities bare and got back to business as usual, telling jokes.

Jackson, who’s also an actor, appeared in Naked, Think Like A Man Too and several other films alongside Hart. I guess the acting roles are going to dry up quite a bit, he’s still in custody on $100,000 bail.

TELL US: Have you ever had a friend betray you, hurting you to your very core?