[WATCH] Steve Harvey To Women: ‘If He Ain’t Changing, You Ain’t The One’ – Fair or Foul?

by Krystal Franklin

May 18, 2018

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Since the 2012 release of his New York Times Bestselling book, Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man, Steve Harvey has spent the last six years offering advice to women as it pertains to dating, sex and relationships, which many find problematic since he’s been married and divorced twice, before marrying Marjorie Harvey in 2007.

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In a recent appearance, the 61-year-old talk show/radio host and comedian said men only change for the right woman and the internet was quick to point out his flaws on the topic.

“I tell women this all the time. All men can change and all men will change but there is only one woman that we’re going to change for. It’s just one. We don’t change for all woman we only change for one woman. If he ain’t changing, you ain’t the one.”

Watch below.

And of course, Black Twitter had their share of opinions, weighing in on Harvey’s remarks.

Here’s the thing. Much like the Mo’Nique and Netflix debacle, while Harvey is absolutely correct, often times it’s hard to receive the message based on who’s delivering it. Just like Mo, like it or not but what Steve is saying is true. And if you’ve ever had a man that wasn’t doing right, but changed his behavior for the better all in an attempt to keep you, then you know he’s right.

But I get it. His history with women isn’t the best. He had his ex-wife Mary Harvey was jailed for 30 days in 2013 for violating the terms of a gag order in their divorce (she is still trying to sue him for $60M “for torture, child endangerment and soul-murdering.”)

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But wouldn’t his many attempts at marriage be the exact reason why he may actually know what he’s talking about? I could be wrong but I’d rather take advice from someone who has openly admitted to failing at marriage and finally know what getting it right looks like, than someone who’s never been down the aisle.

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